Online Casino Employee and Leather Jacket – A Rare Gift

Online Casino Employee and Leather Jacket – A Rare Gift

Iā€™m Axel Johnson and I work at Playamo Canada. I’m here to tell my story about how a typical day at work suddenly became one of the best days of my life.

As a regular online casino worker, my job was to offer customer service support to anyone in need of assistance with the games, payment/deposit methods, and more. My family demands time and money, adding to my already packed schedule. I barely have time to buy things for myself.


However, working for an online casino company has many advantages and one of them is that you can grow inside of the company.

All I wanted was to be promoted, and to celebrate it, I had planned to buy a leather jacket I was craving to buy months ago for myself. A gorgeous The Leather Atelier tanned leather jacket but unfortunately I never had the chance or money to get it yet.

One typical morning while working at my desk, my boss called and told me he needed to talk to me in person. At first, I was scared of being fired. We met at the restaurant for lunch, when suddenly he grabbed a gift bag and handed it to me, and at the same time, he told me I was being promoted to marketing manager.


I was shocked and happy, and I didn’t have words to say, as my surprise was even bigger when I saw a leather jacket inside the gift bag. My eyes watered and all I could say was thanks. Of course, I asked how he knew about the jacket and he replied a co-worker told him about it.

To finish my story, I am very happy now with my new leather jacket and new job position, which I obtained by working hard in the online casino company. Magic happens at the least unexpected moments.