Leather Trousers and Pop Culture – A Love Story?

Leather Trousers and Pop Culture – A Love Story?

Leather trousers are here to stay but it wasn’t always that way. Discover how these pants became so popular in pop culture and revolutionized the fashion industry as a whole. From itsbeginnings when NativeAmericans used leather pants to the punk scene, leather trousers have so much to say that they remain popular today.

Back to the Roots

Before colonization happened in the XVII century, Native Americans were the first to use leather trousers of the hide of hunted animals. They believed thatwearing the skin of the animal would give them the animal’s strength.

After European colonization occurred in the XIX century, it became popular among cowboys, as protection for legs while riding horses.


Introduction in Movies and Pop Culture

Right after that, western movies were the first to introduce leather trousers on the big screen. Elvis Presley turned the famous pants into a fashion trend back in the 60s, making women of all ages go nuts.

Following the Leader

When Elvis started losing fame due to his age, a young Jim Morrison started to follow the leather trouser trend. The Doors’ lead singer was the first to give the leather trouser the sexy leather-fantasy look it is known by today.

Leather Trousers Empowered Women

In the 60s, Elvis did a comeback on the TV screen and appeared wearingleather from head totoe,makinglittle Suzi Quatro shocked after seeing him. Later on, she’d appeared covered in leather with a 70s attitude, followed by The Pretenders’ singer.

However, Iggy Pop would grab everyone’s attention with his revolutionary silver leather pants.

The Mainstream 80s

The 80s arrived bringing civil movements in its most intense way by introducing leather into the mainstream culture with bondage and fetish. Malcolm McLaren and VivienneWestwood were the responsible designers of the punk attitude fashion.

The Sex Pistols and Siouxie Sioux bought their products and embraced leather.

The 90s and the Leather Trouser Establishment

Then the 90s were here and leather trousers remained in pop culture, appearing every so often on the red carpet to make leather trousers into a never-ending trend.

Today, everyone feels romanticized by the leather trousers movement in pop culture. This trendy item will remain in pop culture for eternity since probably celebrities and non-celebs have one leather item in their wardrobe.