Leather History – The Evolution of Leather Industries

Leather History – The Evolution of Leather Industries

The leather industry has increased over the years, as it came from our ancestors and thanks to its development, its uses have increased and evolved to be used in fashionable designs. We are going to share with you its beginnings and advances in time.

Come with us to discover the history of leather and how it improved the way we see fashion nowadays.

Cavemen Discovered It

Leather’s discovery allowed primitive man to cover from the seasonal weather and elements. At first, they hunted for food and then, starting to develop the ability to create footwear and clothing out of hides.

The Romans in Greece

The Romans were the ones who developed tanned leather of tree barks to preserve it.That was the first record of vegetable-tanned leather, and then they managed to establish a trend by 500 B.C.

Thanks to its durability, in the middle ages, leather was used for furnitureto cover chairs, as it was easy to clean and did not absorb any food smell.

Industrial Revolution

After the industrial era, leather started to grow in demand for new automobile creations, furniture, and belts for machinery drivers. The advances in footwear and clothing lead the leather industry to create trendy fashion designs.

Modern Age

Leather has developed with modern technology since it allowed us to innovate in new processing methods, making it the main material of many uses.

Today leather is used 50% for footwear, 25% for clothing, and 15% for upholstery. Thanks to its great evolution, the leather industry has grown and developed through the years due to being durable and easy to clean.

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