Handmade Leather Products – Top 6 Companies in Canada

Handmade Leather Products – Top 6 Companies in Canada

The leather industry in Canada isgaining popularity, as many designers put efforts every day to experiment with new hides and tan colours. Discover the top handmade leather companies in Canada and explore their beautiful and unique designs full of exquisite taste that will blow people’s minds.


Coach remains a luxury leather house bringing fine accessories with modern touches. Coach remains with a free spirit style and a vision that shows authenticity. Coach offers all kinds of luxury leather items that come every season with a unique flare.


Ai is a vegan leather company based in Toronto that produces handcrafted luxury PETA-approved cruelty-free accessories. Their designs are made to last in time and offer practical and colourful designs that will make it impossible for anyone not to get one.

Justin Starr Studio

Justin Starr built up his brand after years of practicing and developing his skills. The result is a perfect combination of vegan tan and chrome tan process, with colourful bags, wallets, and accessories that are unique in style and quality.

Cavalier Goods Co

Cavalier Goods o is a fine store that gathers handmade leather products based on craftsmanship, using veg tans and old processes that take over 6 weeks to have the finished leather. They use vibrant colours with a smooth surface that shows character.


Every Rimanchik piece is a single design, handmade with high-quality materials straight from Montreal. The perfect combination of handmade designs and dedication guarantees a Rimanchik item to last over 10 years. Find all kinds of leather accessories at their store.

Oak and Honey Leather

Oak and Honey Leather is established in the Canadian leather market for being one of the few to produce shell cordovan, the finest and most beautiful leather that exists. This horsehide is the most expensive to get at the stores and these people know how to treat it.

The modern leather industry is innovating the way leather is produced and some of them continue using antique tanning techniques to deliver pieces that last for years. Designers put their distinctive mark of uniqueness to their high-quality products. After all, leather items bring a look and style that’s hard to resist.

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