Guide to Take Care of Your Leather Clothing Items

Guide to Take Care of Your Leather Clothing Items

Leather items are the most long-lasting products for footwear and clothing.That’s why it’s important to give them the proper care they deserve. Here are some smart tips to care for them and avoid any damage.

General Advice

Grab some items such as shoes or jackets and wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dust. If the leather gets wet it is best to let it dry naturally, since it’s important not to heat it or it will be damaged and prevent sun exposure to avoid colours fading.


Category Tips

For leather shoes, users should wipe them with a damp cloth weekly, apply wax every six months, and remember to use polish when needed. Leather handbags can’t be overfilled otherwise they will overstretch and will snap.

Instead, wipe with conditioner once a year and vacuum periodically to keep the inside clean.

When it comes to leather jackets, wipe them regularly with a damp cloth, and for storage, hang them and never fold them. Leather gloves usually don’t stretch, so make sure of buying them in your exact size and wipe them down regularly.

Washing Leather

Never use washing machines for leather items.Instead, users need to mix warm water and castile soap, get a towel into the soap solution and squeeze the towel to remove excess water.

After that, gently clean the leather item to remove dust or dirt, and once it’s done, grab a dry clean towel and wipe the items clean, and hang them to dry.


Treating Stains

Keep in mind that professionals should always handle soft leather. However, regular,sturdier leather pieces can be easily treated at home by using water or leather cleaning products. Leather needs to be dry all the time.

This is why users need to be sure to apply very little water. Once the stain is gone, apply some conditioner and store it properly.

Remember, all products to be used to clean leather surfaces, should be of the same colour as the item to avoid unpleasant marks.

Proper storage

Proper storage is crucial for leather longevity. Shoes can be stored covered with newspapers to reduce moisture, and for jackets, it’s best to hang them on canvas in a ventilated closet. Belts and watches need to be laid flat in a dark dry place, and always remember to avoid using plastic bags for storage.


Leather Care Pack

Always keep shoe polish on hand, leather conditioner, waxes, polish, and castile soap for leather care.

Leather will always be a trendy item in almost every consumer’s closet, which is why it’s important to keep leather items safe to ensure longevity. Keep the leather care pack close in case any stain or dryness occurs andavoid using plastic bags on items.